Lobby and hotel bar

The place to meet for cosiness.

A place to chat and enjoy yourself

It's a perfect end to the day when on holiday.

Savour the moment, the time and the atmosphere at Hotel ChristiAnia in Alta Badia. Our bar team will be delighted to recommend a wine or create a delicious drink just for you.

South Tyroleans and Ladins are essentially born into a wine culture. Your anticipation of a relaxing holiday in the Dolomites will increase as soon as you arrive in the beautiful castle-dominated landscape of South Tyrol, passing vineyards and apple trees. Sophisticated and tasty dishes from our gourmet kitchen will act as your culinary guidebook, accompanied by fine wines from our wine cellar.

Comfortable, cosy or romantic?

  • Please ask about our current recommended wines!
  • Excellent selection of sparkling wines and champagnes
  • Apéritifs or digestifs, including high-proof spirits from South Tyrol, herbal bitters, liqueurs and fine grappa
  • Cocktails and short drinks

In the end, it is relationships with people that give our lives meaning.

Wilhelm von Humboldt